Localization is broken

The internet revolutionized countless industries, yet localization remains stuck in outdated paradigms. For over two decades, it's been the same old story: proprietary tech, closed platforms, and endless indirection. It's time for a change.

For the first time in history, LLMs, which understand languages and context, can become a foundational piece in enabling a new way of localizing content. This new approach will be open, transparent, and interoperable, and will enable a new wave of innovation in the localization industry.

LLMs allow context-aware localization, enabling a new wave of innovation in the localization industry.
Organizations can localize content from many content source platforms, and implement new integrations.
Open Source
The change the localization industry requires needs more open innovation and fewer walled gardens.
Content changes are detected, and new content is localized incrementally to save costs and time.
Easy setup
Spend time crafting your content, not setting up localization infrastructure.
Designed to scale
Built on technologies designed to scale and accommodate the new world of LLMs.

Glossia is an open source localization operative system

It leverages the power of LLMs to incrementally localize content from content sources like GitHub and GitLab repositories, Shopify Stores, Apps, and Themes , Figma designs , and more. Localization can and must be simple and fun.

We are actively working on it and you can follow our progress on GitHub.

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We are a product-driven team of linguists and developers who have built software you love at companies like Shopify, Chatterbug, SoundCloud.